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How much do your kitchens cost? 
All of our kitchens are fully bespoke so its not easy to give a definitive answer. On average, a small sized kitchen will cost between £6-9000, a medium sized one £9-14000 and a large kitchen starting from £14000. This would typically include the cabinetry and installation but exclude appliances,worktops and any other works that are required by third parties. 
How far will you travel? 
We are based in Nottingham but supply and install across the country. 
How long does it take? 
Normally, we can produce your kitchen within 21 working days of confirmed order. 
Do you sell appliances? 
No , we can supply standard sinks and handles but appliances, taps and personal choice handles are sourced by our customers. 
What colours can we choose from? 
We use estate eggshell finish paint from Farrow & Ball who currently provide a choice of over 130 different shades. Cabinets are given at least 5 hand rollered coats on top of an oiled based undercoat. 
What are your payment terms? 
We ask for a £250 deposit to confirm order and fix the price for 6 months, thereafter we ask for one third of the Cabinetry price at the start of construction, one third at delivery and the balance following installation.